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Conservation efforts in Patagonia range from establishing protected areas, promoting sustainable tourism, to supporting local communities in sustainable practices. Every effort made towards conserving Patagonia today ensures that future generations inherit a world teeming with life and natural beauty.

Green taxes collection
Green taxes collection at Palena Province
GHG emissions
Guidelines and standards for a Carbon offset project as per the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
carbon emissions
Accurately measuring the carbon emissions reductions associated with carbon offset projects
carbon sequestration by farmers
Best practices for carbon sequestration that can be easily implemented by farmers


Tourism conservation efforts aim to ensure that the beauty and biodiversity of our world’s most stunning locales are preserved for generations to come. These initiatives range from establishing protected areas and enforcing responsible tourism practices to promoting environmental education among travelers.

digital nomad patagonia
Navigating the World as a Digital Nomad: Essential Insights
Austral Road: A love letter from Mother Earth.
felix yelcho
Promoting Lake Yelcho fly fishing for the Chilean market.
Green tax & sustainable tourism
Green tax & sustainable tourism

Biodiversity & Habitat protection

Creating and enforcing protected areas, fostering sustainable tourism, and promoting local conservation education. By prioritizing habitat protection in Patagonia, we not only preserve its irreplaceable natural heritage, but also contribute to global efforts against climate change and biodiversity loss.

Preserving Lake Yelcho Shore - A Necessary Step for Protecting Amphibian Ecosystems
Yelcho Ariel Castillo
Unleashing Renewable Energy Potential: Transitioning to Sustainable Power in Chilean Patagonia
6 ways to minimize the impact of visitors to Yelcho Lake.
patagonia carbon off
Understanding the Importance of Carbon Conservation in Patagonia's Ecosystems
amphibians yelcho

Land use planning

Land use planning in Patagonia is a critical strategy for balancing ecological preservation with economic development. This process involves thoughtfully managing Patagonia’s vast, diverse landscapes to meet present needs while safeguarding the region’s rich biodiversity and natural resources for future generations.

land use in patagonia
A Balance between Preservation and Development

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture in Patagonia is a growing movement that seeks to harmonize farming practices with the region’s rich biodiversity. This approach aims to produce food and fiber in a manner that respects the unique ecosystems of Patagonia, minimizing environmental impact and preserving resources for future generations. Techniques include organic farming, rotation of crops, and responsible grazing, all aimed to improve soil health, reduce water usage, and decrease pollution.

economia circular palena
Supplying Hotel Operations with Orchard Products
jugos organicos yelcho
Embracing Local Harvest: The Rise of Organic Homemade Juices
Carbon Dioxide Remova
7 products and technologies that can be used for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) from the atmosphere
huertas en yelcho
Sustainable Food Production in Chaitén Province


We promote sustainable land use practices in tourism, food, and real estate to ensure their long-term viability while protecting and preserving natural habitats and ecosystems. Our efforts create job opportunities and a better future for generations to come.

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